Sometimes More is More

You know when you're shopping and it seems like you just can't stop? Me too. I'll go day by day with my purchases, but they won't be in photo order.…

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So, it was Sunday of last week when I headed to Lambertville flea market. Not only did I see some old friends and colleagues, but I also bought a beautiful charcoal drawing, a terra cotta sculpture and a dartboard (you'll remember from a previous post the smaller version of this one). The charcoal drawing is supposedly by a pretty well known artist, I'll keep you updated with what I find out. Oh and the sculpture is signed with a monogram. Great. Another mystery. At least I know that the dartboard is English. A couple days went by and Wednesday saw me back in Lambertville and buying more great pieces…

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A great little oil painting on board, a very cool 1970's era Italian (I think) coat rack, a twelve arm brass chandelier, a great little 1946 pencil drawing and a great frame that has a chain link design. Another couple days went by and I was back for a third time to Lambertville. This time I bought a pair of folk art style hand made dolls, a great little 1970's era Sarreid brass three drawer chest, a 1970's hard edge style geometric abstract print, an early 20th Century cassetta style gold gilt Italian picture frame, a vintage Alexander Calder Mourlot lithograph poster, a small Italian picture frame and a brass faux bamboo coat rack.

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Whew. Great shopping! In addition to the buying (and soon to be selling) I'm planning for Brimfield, you know the incredible outdoor antiques fair that happens in Massachusetts. Shop with me this May in space D25 in the Heart O The Mart field! I'm super happy with planning for Brimfield and I'll definitely have some great surprises there too! Be sure to click here to check out my Facebook page with the event Shop Brimfield with HKFA and click going. Picasso is quoted as saying, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." So friends, let's work!

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