10 Reps of 40 Pounds

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Many thanks to Mother Nature for some much better weather! There were a ton of dealers set up and selling at the flea market. But even with all of that, I only managed to buy a few things… Of course a few of them were marble and extremely heavy. But hey, if ya can't carry it, don't buy it! And I'll even add on to that mantra… if ya can't carry it on the subway, don't buy it!!! Ha ha ha. As usual I set up my finds in the subway station, I love to see this as the background and it always opens me up to some interesting conversation. It reminds me of years past when I would carry armfuls of frames on the subway from my West Village apartment up to the Upper East Side. There were always some funny looks and usually a great conversation, or two! So this past weekend I picked up a lovely 1960's harlequin or saltimbanque painting on canvas, a pair of marble column form bookends, a marble specimen form block, a vintage English dart board, a pair of frames and a small litho. All in all some fun finds. In addition to the buying (and soon to be selling) I'm also planning for Brimfield, you know the incredible outdoor antiques fair that happens in Massachusetts. Shop with me this May in both Dealers Choice and Heart O The Mart fields! Oh, and before I forget, I want to remind you about the two projects I'm working on right now. One is called Jean Georges Bois (click here to see the site as I'm building it), it is a new line of jewelry. The other is called Fishtown Pop Up (click here to see the site as I'm building it), it is a new gallery and retail space in Philadelphia. Fishtown Pop Up will be debuting with a one man solo exhibition and sale of paintings by New York City artist Clintel Steed! Oh… and one more thing. If you're looking to liquidate an estate in New York City, click here to be connected to Big Apple Antiques! I'm super happy with planning for Brimfield and both of the projects - especially the upcoming exhibition! Mark your calendars for Friday April 7th to attend the opening night exhibition of Clintel Steed at Fishtown Pop Up. Picasso is quoted as saying, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." So friends, let's work! ;-) hkv