Flea Market Friends and Finds

Sunday. Glorious Sunday. It was a lovely day to spend it out of doors, among friends and doing what I love. Selling cool stuff. Being back in New York City continues to remind me of the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going…

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Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.43.47 AM

And going! With my batteries fully charged all the time (I wish I could say that for my iPhone which seems to lose battery just for the sake of driving me crazy) I'm in my element. Being able to load up a truck with some cool vintage finds and then offer them to customers, colleagues, friends and such is a wonderful way to make a living. And it's just what I did this past Sunday. Arriving bright and early (actually not too bright as the sun had yet to rise), I quickly unloaded my finds and secured a spot on 6th Avenue. With a quick trip to the deli for a coffee, I was ready to unpack and set up my space. A load of paintings, about 18, which I had bought the night before, were among the first things to sell to a fellow dealer. Always a great start to any day. Then came a few other early morning sales to dealers. As the city awoke, the crowd rolled in with lattes and croissants in hand to peruse the items on offer. I love the mix of crowds here in NYC and especially at the flea market. The beautiful weather brought the buyers out in droves and I was busy all day. In the morning, a New York City antiques dealer with a shop on East 61st Street came through and bought my vintage gold gilt La Barge shield mirror, a pair of mid century Cal Mode travertine and walnut side tables and an assembled collection of Raku pottery. In the afternoon, New York City based interior designer Ron Marvin and Boston based interior designer Megan Pesce stopped before before their brunch date with a friend. We posed for a quick pic and they were off shopping. It's always a busy day at the flea market! After a few deliveries I was home by 8:30 that evening. A long day to be sure! Oh, and today you ask? Sure, I had to do a little shopping. I picked up this set of four Italian 1970's chromed steel folding chairs with perforated seats and backs by Arrben. In addition to the buying (and soon to be selling) I'm also planning for Brimfield, you know the incredible outdoor antiques fair that happens in Massachusetts. Shop with me this May in both Dealers Choice and Heart O The Mart fields! Picasso is quoted as saying, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." So friends, let's work! ;-) hkv

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