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Hi, are you looking for something? Rounding out your decor? Starting from zero? Relax a while and browse through the site. The PRODUCTS page lists current inventory (well, some of it anyway… the majority of our inventory is on 1stdibs). Feel free to browse through the ABOUT and PRESS pages, too. Oh, and if you want to get in touch? Well the CONTACT page is perfect for that. Thanks! Heather Karlie
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Remember last week when I mentioned there was a chill in the air? Well this weekend was downright cold! Buying was good over the weekend with three interesting purchases - two on Sunday and one on Saturday. There was a nice mix of dealers this weekend and it was nice to see both familiar and unfamiliar faces. In fact, two of my purchases all came from folks with whom I had not yet done business!
Definitely something that I'll have to remove from the frame so I can take a closer look!
December 5th, 2016
My first purchase on Saturday morning was an interesting gouache / pen and ink / watercolor done in shades of black. It's a city scene showing a very busy sidewalk. The piece is signed Marin. The work is very expressive with both light and dark brushstrokes. Definitely something that I'll have to remove from the frame so I can take a closer look! You know how I love a mystery!!! The rest of Saturday I purchased a couple items for our home, one is an elephant statue and the other is a hand in heart antique brass bottle opener - cheers! Then on Sunday, I bought two things - a painting and a rug. The painting is an oil on canvas and dates to the circa 1970's. It's a beach scene done in a very minimalist way with a neutral color palette. It's in a square format and measures about 3 feet by 3 feet. I bought this while it was still a bit dark - it was leaning against a fence, but underneath a collection of another artist's work. This artist was from Queens. The works were interesting. Next up, well after the sun had made an appearance, I bought a vibrant geometric pattern rug runner. It measures about 8 feet long and 2 feet wide. I absolutely loved the colors and scale as soon as I laid eyes on it. There is a checkerboard type design down either side and a diamond style pattern down the center. It has a great look!
With three great new additions to my inventory, I'll be shopping and selling the week ahead! But all work and no play definitely make for a dull antique dealer, so I made sure to do some other stuff too - visit with friends, pick out the Christmas tree and enjoy time at home. I have stay on my toes for next weekend!
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It was February of 2002 and I had just moved into a six month sublet in Alphabet City in the East Village. With $600 and no job, I thought I could make it in New York City. So six months went by and after searching the classifieds in the Village Voice I finally found my own apartment in the West Village. And guess what… Click here to find out what Heather Karlie Fine Art is all about.
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Modern Look Book started in 2015 as a new approach to vintage - making it modern. I wanted to mix in great modern and contemporary design, art and brands in vintage interiors. I gathered up a core group of friends and colleagues' work to debut it all alongside my vintage and antique finds. It was a huge success. Click here to read more!
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Heather Karlie Fine Art started off in a 341 square foot apartment in New York's West Village. Early morning sourcing at the Chelsea flea market yielded armfuls of antique, period and modernist picture frames. A quick email or two, appointments made on the Upper East Side and a subway ride were all part of my routine. I was sourcing for the top galleries in NYC. Click here to read more!


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